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Lockout Station – Design Your Own

Each board has integral locator holes which allows the fitting of a variety of board components, giving you the ability to design the station the way you want it.

Tell us what components you require and we will fit them to the board.


Enclosed Pocket
Enclosed Pocket Code: LOK221
Ideal for holding keys, phones etc. With integral padlock fixing hole for extra security.
Inner Size (HxWxD): 105 x 165 x 27mm

Extra Wide Pocket
Extra Wide Pocket Code: LOK222
Full width board pocket, to be used to house cable lockouts, padlocks or non hanging lockout devices.
Inner Size (HxWxD): 135 x 556 x 135mm

Lockout Station Board
Lockout Station Board Code: LOK223
Lockout station backing board.
Size (HxWxD): 601 x 590 x 96mm

Station Cover
Station Cover Code: LOK224
Covers the whole of the board, lockable at the bottom.
Size (HxWxD): 600 x 570 x 70mm

Small Pocket
Small Pocket Code: LOK225
Tag pocket, ideal for holding lockout tags.
Inner Size (HxWxD): 85 x 77 x 30mm

Small Clip
Board Clip Code: LOK226
Board clips allow padlocks and hasps to be hung on the board.

A4 Clipboard
A4 Plastic Clipboard Code: LOK227
Hard plastic clipboard ideal for displaying work permits and other documentation.
Size (HxW): 330 x 227mm