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Product Training

Our Mobile Training Unit provides detailed information and training on many of the key Spectrum ranges such as Lockout Tagout, Tagging Systems and Safety Signs. We are keen to remove the stigma of complexity which is so often associated with health and safety and to encourage distributors to gain a thorough understanding of the Spectrum range first hand.

Manned and supported by the Spectrum team, our Mobile Training and Exhibition Unit is available for use on a nationwide scale and has been designed to reach out to every type of customer making it ideal for staff training, events, exhibitions and open days. The Mobile Training Unit is also fully heated and can be used both open and closed ensuring it can be used all year round, whatever the weather!

Operating on a free of charge basis throughout the UK and Ireland our unit gives visitors the opportunity to gather information about the ranges offered by us first hand as well as containing a wide range of demonstration products such as Lockout Tagout, Tagging Systems and Safety Signs which provide a ‘hands on’, tactile approach to product knowledge and training.

Now available, just call the Spectrum Team on 01302 800273 or email sales@spectrum-industrial.co.uk for further details or bookings.