Car Seals Launched

Car Seals Launched

Safety Solutions manufacturer and provider Spectrum Industrial have announced the launch of Car Seals to their safety products category.

Car Seal

Car Seals are a simple solution used to lock a device in an open or closed position as required, preventing unauthorised operation and providing long-term isolation. Commonly used on valves, Car Seals provide additional security as the sealed apparatus can only be operated by cutting the galvanised steel cable of the Car Seal, which in turn also provides evidence if it has been tampered with or of activity by an authorised operative. Due to this Car Seals are a single use item.

Peter Clayton, Head of Sales for Spectrum commented, “As a provider of lock out tag out systems for many years, adding Car Seals to our range will help strengthen our offering”.

Car Seals

Spectrums Car Seals have a coloured anodised aluminium body with a strong galvanised steel cable and are available in a choice of colours. The colours of a tag are usually assigned to match the state of the device being locked out, in general this being red for locked and green locked open. Although other colours can be assigned to other uses, a yellow seal could be applied to a valve to show the medium flowing inside while a blue seal may be used to show the contents within a container.

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