Who is responsible? - Risk assessments & Health and safety

Who is responsible? – Risk Assessments & Health and Safety Policy

Daily hazards are normal, but as employers and business owners we should work to protect our employee’s in the workplace from harm. The Health and Safety Laws are in place to protect your business and employees from dangers that could be easily avoided.

At its simplest – if you are an employer or if you are self-employed, then you are the person responsible for the Risk Assessment and Health and Safety Policy within the business. This makes you the competent person (See more on being the competent person here).

Where can I get reliable risk assessment templates?

If you are an employer and you have more than 5 employees you should (best practice) have a written Risk Assessment and Health and Safety Policy. According to the HSE “A risk assessment is not about creating huge amounts of paperwork, but rather about identifying sensible measures to control the risks in your workplace.” The HSE usefully provides a free downloadable Risk Assement template which includes a basic Health and Safety Policy document. This shows you what to consider whilst writing your polices and helps you to question what is needed to make your workplace safer (Download it or view it here) and accidents and injuries avoidable.

HSE recently published a case study about a young person who was run over by a forklift truck, the forklift truck was being driven by someone who was untrained and unauthorised. This led the company to be prosecuted under the Health and Safety at Work Act and fined a total of over 10k (read the full article here). This is a clear example of someone not considering their responsibility to their employees and themselves to provide a safe working environment. Leaving them without any grounds to fight the ‘inadequate supervision’ claimed by the prosecution. 

How Can Spectrum Industrial Help?

A Safety Site Survey from Spectrum Industrial can help you analyse your current workplace safety system and advise you further on any other potential hazards or dangers. During a Safety Site Survey we look at your current signage, fire exits, extinguishers, walkways, racking, forklift trucks, machinery, roads, paths and then we look at the overall. (If you would like more information or to book a Safety Site Survey email us at or call us on 01302 800 273).

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Unauthorised Scaffolding Access

Unauthorised Scaffolding Access

HSE issues Safety Alert during School holidays on the dangers of Unauthorised Scaffold Access.

The UK has seen a heatwave in the lead up to school summer holidays and we have another heatwave due. The Health & Safety Executive issued a safety alert advising those in control of construction work involving scaffolding and ladders to ensure appropriate measures are put in place to stop members of the public, and especially young people, from climbing scaffolding and ladders. Scaffold Safety Signs are an ideal method to alert the public to the dangers of unauthorised scaffold access.

Scaffolding can look like a tempting playground to young people who have time on their hands during the school holidays. Unfortunately unauthorised access can have serious consequences and results in a fall from height are not uncommon.

Site safety signs play an important role in alerting members of the public to dangers on construction sites. Spectrum Industrial design, manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of Safety Signs.

Take a look at our Safety Signs here.

To see the HSE alert visit their website here.

We also offer Custom Signs. We can incorporate any graphics and text you may need and we have the capability to print on a wide range of materials at any size.

To find out more about our Custom Signs, please call us on: 01302 800273

Unauthorised Scaffold Access

Unauthorised scaffold access safety signs can be placed around scaffolding on construction sites, building sites, or in none commercial environments such as when scaffolding is placed around homes for roof repairs etc. It’s common that scaffolding erected in more public places, such as those placed around homes undergoing repair do not carry safety signs.

Safety Signs can prevent drowning

Safety Signs can help prevent drownings

With long school holidays on the horizon and the extended warm period we are currently experiencing, it’s important we are do everything we can to remain safe in summer.

Across the UK in 2017 the National Water Safety Forum reports that there were 255 people who lost their lives in accidental drownings.  It’s possible some of these drownings could have been avoided with adequate precautions, safety measures and appropriate signage warning of the dangers associated with swimming in potentially hazardous environments.

Cold water, unexpectedly deep water, hidden currents and pollution are just some of the hazards facing those choose to swim

It’s not just public places where accidents occur and its important correct measures are in place to warn of potential dangers. With two thirds of drownings happening at inland waters such as quarries, canals, lakes and rivers, it’s important we realise hazards aren’t just limited to beaches and coastlines.

Spectrum Industrial supply a range of safety signs, including water signs. We are able to manufacture signs that are waterproof, corrosion resistant and also resistant to salt water. Once in place, our signs are designed to be hard wearing and long lasting.

Find out more at the National Water Safety website 

Full report is available here

Self Adhesive Vinyl (SAV)

Self Adhesive Vinyl Signs (SAV)

In our latest video we give you an overview of Self Adhesive Vinyl (SAV), This is one of the most common materials used in sign manufacturing. We also offer a complete Custom Sign manufacturing service.

All our SAV safety signs are manufactured in house by our specialist printing team using traditional and pioneering print technologies. We use the finest materials and inks, all of our safety signs pass vigorous quality control before being sent to customers.

Self Adhesive Vinyl Signs are available for a number of purposes including Fire Signs, Exit Signs, Wayfinding Signs, Mandatory Signs, Door Signs, Stairwell Signs and Toilet Signs.

We can even design and print bespoke SAV signs. View our full range of Safety Signs products online here.