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Council Slammed By Critics!

Critics have slammed a local council after the decision was made to pay in excess of £150,000 for 4 tourist information signs.

The cost for the signs includes a staggering £23,000 for the design of the stands, with £132,000 set aside for installation.

Here at Spectrum Industrial we work closely with local councils, government agencies and health authorities to ensure their standard and bespoke signage needs are met, and we certainly wouldn’t charge £23,000 to design 4 signs!

We have a vast array of standard road signs available as well as the facilities to design and manufacture bespoke signage, including Tourist Information Signs like the ones under scrutiny here.  We offer a full process service, from design and development through to installation, and all signs are made in our in-house production facility in South Yorkshire. 

Get in touch today at:sales@spectrum-industrial.co.uk or call 01302 800273 to find out how we can fulfil your signage needs today.

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