Hedgehogs Ahead!!

Hedgehogs Ahead Road Safety Sign

Hedgehogs Ahead!!

Spectrum Industrial launches new Road Safety Sign following the Department of Transports announcement.

Safety Signage and Products manufacturer Spectrum Industrial have introduced a new Hedgehogs Ahead sign as part of their road safety signs range.

Back in June, former Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling unveiled a new sign featuring a hedgehog. The Department of Transport hopes that this sign will reduce the number of road accidents caused by small animals in the road, while also cutting the number of animals harmed or killed. Local councils and welfare groups were asked to suggest ideal places for the signs to be installed.

Hedgehogs are thought to be at extremely high risk of being hit by vehicles, with The Mammal Society estimating between 167,000 and 335,000 hedgehogs are killed by road traffic in the UK.

In 2017 according to the latest DFT statistics, 629 people were injured from animal related accidents.

Spectrum Industrial are a specialist manufacturer of road safety signs. All road signs conform to the Traffic Signs Regulations and are CE marked to BS EN 12899-1:2007.  Manufactured on ACP and are high intensity class ref 2 facing suitable for public highways. They are available without or with channel option for post fixing.

Have you identified accident and wildlife hot spots in your area and now in need of signs?

Contact Spectrum Industrial at sales@spectrum-industrial.co.uk

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