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Learn more about the Laser Etching Process

In this simple laser engraving video we are demonstrating one of our fantastic pieces of machinery – the Electrox MaxBox Laser Marking System in action, we are following the process of etching brushed steel to create an entirely custom piece which is completed with a black ionised finish.

This complete laser marking system is bench mounted and designed for a great variety of materials and custom manufacturing environments.

Laser etching is the perfect custom process for creating serial number plates and valve tags, as well adding sequential numbering or coding systems to lockout equipment. Alternative custom options include custom signs, barcodes and serial numbers and product customisation through the addition of logos.

Laser etching is permanent, it can allow traceability of items through it’s durability whilst it can also create the most delicate of customised images or text pieces. The boundaries of laser etching are quite limitless therefore design restrictions are few. We find this flexibility allows customers to really bring their custom designs to life whether that is through something so simple as number a range of padlocks for traceability to engraving a sentimental sign or piece of custom text.

Laser etching can be carried out across a wide range of materials which is inclusive of stainless steel, aluminium and more delicate items such as bronze, copper and brass. These products can then be given a completely unique, custom design such as a sports trophy engraved with the winners name and the award details or ballpoint pens engraved with a company brand or logo.

For further details on our customisation services you can contact us by calling 01302 800273 or email sales@spectrum-industrial.co.uk