Mobile Training Unit (MTU)

Mobile Training Unit (MTU)

Our Mobile Safety Training Unit is the ideal method to help train employees on how and when to use a variety of safety products including Lockout Equipment, Tagging Systems and Safety Signs.

Have a look at our video giving a brief look at the Mobile Safety Training Unit: 

The unit is FREE, we’ll bring it to your premises and give detailed demonstrations and talks on various safety solutions and current best practices and guidelines.

It’s very much hands on training, we’ll show what equipment should be used in different scenarios. We keep it simple and avoid jargon so participants go away with greater knowledge and understanding of safety products.

Spectrum Industrial have over 30 years’ experience and we’re keen to help create safer working environments for everyone by sharing our knowledge.

So, if you’d like to take advantage of our FREE Mobile Safety Training Unit, get in touch and we’ll send you further details.

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