Mobile Training Unit

Mobile Training and Exhibition Unit (MTU)

Manned and supported by the Spectrum team our unit is free to use and has been designed to reach out to all types of customers in a variety of industries.

It’s ideal for staff training, events, exhibitions and open days, it enables you to get hands on with our products, increasing product knowledge and helping drive sales.

“The MTU is something Spectrum should be very proud of because it is one thing to send a catalogue to a customer but for them to actually see the products, have experts on hand to show them and explain to them makes it much easier for them to understand.

We’ve had numerous enquiries since the Roadshow companies) which we visited over the 3 days from just Lockout Stations to Site Surveys, so I am confident this will lead to more business between both our companies”
– Joe Horgan Eastern Electrical.

The MTU is available for for use in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and is packed full of items from our comprehensive safety products range.  We use provide a no-nonsense, hands-on approach to training and we work directly with your team to increase health and safety product knowledge and understanding.

To book the Mobile Training Unit (MTU) simply call 01302 800273 or email:

Mobile Training Unit (MTU)