Lockout Tagout

Spectrum Industrial supply a comprehensive range of Lockout equipment and Tagging solutions. We provide Lockout for mechanical and electrical applications across a wide variety of industries including gas, electrical, power and food.

We provide safety equipment across the world, and can also provide appropriate training in the use of lockout and tagout equipment in the workplace.

Lockout is the physical method of isolating equipment to prevent it being re-energised or stop the release of stored energy.

Tagout is a highly visible written warning attached to the locked out device. Correct use of Tagging indicates that the equipment should not be used until the applicable Lockout is removed.

We offer an extensive range of Lockout and Tagout equipment and also offer free site surveys to help businesses understand exactly what they need for compliance purposes.

When to Lockout Tagout?
A lockout tagout procedure should be followed during repair or maintenance of equipment where anyone could be injured by an unexpected start up or release of stored energy.

Using Lockout Tags
Lockout tags are an effective way of communicating the status of equipment which is undergoing maintenance. Tags should always be used in conjunction with an appropriate lockout device.

Why use Lock Out?
When repairing and maintaining machinery, it’s important to have effective lockout tagout procedures in place.

When repairing or moving industrial machinery and equipment it’s important to isolate power sources correctly by following correct Lockout procedures. If power sources are not isolated correctly it could result in injury.

Lockout equipment is usually highly visible and is often used alongside a  tagging system that clearly identifies what process is underway and any areas of concern. Tagging systemswhere also give employees guidance on the correct operation and use of equipment.