Photoluminescent Signs

In the event of a fire or emergency, the visibility of standard emergency signs can often be impaired by poor lighting, smoke or even lack of power. In these cases our Photoluminescent signs can provide an effective solution.

• High intensity flexible Vinyl or 1.3mm rigid material options.
• P.S.P.A Class B material – brighter compared to the standard
Class A product usually used in safety signs.
• Tested to DIN 67510 Part 1 – 4 for afterglow performance which exceeds
international standard for flammability, smoke and toxicity.
• Once fully charged will glow for over 10 hours.
• Visible even in complete darkness.
• UV resistant – suitable for internal and external use.
• Factory applied self adhesive backing.

The location of Photoluminescent signs should be considered in order
to select the correct material. PHO signs are rigid whilst PHS provides
a flexible alternative.