Shadow Boards

5S Shadow Board Shadowboards

  • Strong and Durable
  • Rust Resistant
  • Easy to Clean
  • Custom Outlines
  • Protective Finishes
  • Custom Designs

Originally a feature of the 5S process designed to increase productivity in the manufacturing industry Shadow Boards are the perfect tool to organise and improve any type of business regardless of 5S integration.

Shadow Boards allow the instant identification of any missing items or equipment due to the marked location of all products.

Our in-house designers can create your Shadow Board based on your exact specifications finished off with your choice of colours and company branding.

Fittings and products can also all be supplied directly from Spectrum – completing your Shadow Board in one easy move.

A well designed Shadow Board enables the ease of location of its contents a well as the identification of missing equipment within seconds. This instant identification speeds up production, reduces errors and prevents cross contamination in hygiene areas.

  • Cleaning Stations
  • Lockout Stations
  • Tagout Stations
  • Workshop Equipment
  • First Aid Stations
  • Hand Tool Storage

Creating a Shadow Board

To create a Shadow Board simply contact our representative team and either supply us with the design or work with our skilled team to design the board to your exact specifications.

We can manufacture these boards on foamed PVC or aluminium composite, with pre-cut vinyl shapes or completely digitally printed with your choice of colours and company branding.

This can then be coated with the protective laminate of your choice and the appropriate fittings applied. In the case of First Aid or Lockout Stations we can also supply appropriate equipment to stock the board.