Pipeline Identification

The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 have made it a legal requirement that employers mark and identify hazardous materials in visible pipework.

The background colours of our pipe markers and tapes all conform to the recommendations specified in BS 1710 1984 Identification of Pipelines and Services, as shown below.

Basic Identification Colours
Pipe ContentsColourBS 4800Example
WaterGreen12 D 45
SteamSilver Grey10 A 03
OilsBrown06 C 39
GasesYellow Ochre08 C 35
Acids & AlkalisViolet22 C 37
AirLight Blue20 E 51
Other LiquidsBlack00 E 53
Electrical & VentilationOrange06 E 51
Fire FightingRed04 E 53
WarningYellow08 E 51
Fresh WaterAuxiliary Blue18 E 53