Plug/Pneumatic Lockout

Manufactured from sturdy Polystyrene, the unit has been developed to completely enclose electrical plugs to prevent a machine being energized. The plug sits inside the unit with the cable being fed through an access hole.

The small unit is suitable for a variety of electrical connections up to 40mm diameter, with a locking mechanism taking up to 4 safety padlocks.

The large unit is suitable for standard and larger electrical plugs, including 3 phase connectors. It also has 4 holes of 3 different sizes suitable for pneumatic male air hose connectors. The unit has a locking mechanism suitable for up to 4 safety padlocks.


Size Code
Small (4 Holes) LOK029
Large (4 Holes) LOK030


Dimensions Small Large
Inside height. (A) 43mm 85mm
Inside width. (B) 81mm 155mm
Inside depth. (C) 43mm 85mm
Padlock Hole dia. 8mm 8mm
Electrical access Holes (dia.) 1 @ 13mm 1 @ 11mm
1 @ 19mm
Pneumatic access Holes (dia.) 1 @ 7.5mm
2 @ 9.5mm
1 @ 12mm