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Proud To Be Part Of BSIF!

BSIF Registered Safety Supplier Scheme – Mission Statement:

 The BSIF aspires to eliminate non-compliant, unsafe, counterfeit and illegal safety products and services from the UK and provide a quality assurance scheme for the purchase of genuine PPE and safety equipment that will help to keep people safe and healthy at work.

Spectrum Industrial are proud to be a part of BSIF and of the Registered Supplier Safety Scheme. We are only too aware that the quantity of non-compliant, illegal and underperforming safety products offered for sale in the UK continues to increase. As a company we believe it is time to join forces with many other companies involved in the scheme and continue to provide assurance to customers and users that only compliant and correctly performing products are supplied.

Like all of the other companies displaying the scheme’s logo we have signed a binding declaration that all of the safety products that we offer meet all of the required standards, fully comply with applicable regulations and of course where appropriate are CE marked.

As a company these standards are something we believe is vitally important to the on-going welfare of workers and the maintenance of industry safety standards.