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Our design and manufacturing team have years of experience in the design, production and installation of a huge range of custom items such as Signs, Stencils, Shadow Boards, Tags and Lockout Stations.

Whether you have your own ideas or need our help to create the perfect design, you will always receive a fast, reliable service from Spectrum Industrial. We’re able to provide full customisation services on the majority of our items including:



Personalisation of Lockout Kits is an ideal way to give ownership and accountability to what is a key part of any safety process.

Giving users the their own personalised equipment gives an added level of responsibility, ensuring users make extra effort to ensure equipment is not only fit for purpose, but where it should be at any given time.

We believe ongoing development of Lockout products and processes, and particularly the personalisation of any Lockout equipment, is essential. We are able to personalise the vast majority of our Lockout products, including padlocks, keys and tags.



As well as personal identification marks, we can add reference numbers, logos or even images (such as user profiles) to our Lockout and Tagout equipment.

Customised Lock Out Tag Out


We have a number of methods to personalise our lockout and tagout equipment, including laser etching, engraving and screen prinintg.

Not sure how we can help? How about a Safety Site Survey?

Our Safety Site Survey is the perfect way to find out how Spectrum Industrial can help. We’ll come to your premises and perform a full audit of all your safety signs and products, making suggestions on how you can improve the safety of your workplace.

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As well as the range of standard signs we hold in stock, we are also able to design and manufacture custom signs.

Custom Safety Sign

Whether you need bespoke Construction Site Signs, Road Safety Signs or other types of signs, we can help.

Our in house design team can design the sign for you or we can work with your artwork. We can add logos or text, and we are able to manfacture on a variety of materials designed for every location and use imaginable.



Shadow Boards are the perfect way to organise workplace tools and equipment.  They allow instant identification of any missing items due to the marked (shadow) location of all items.

Lockout Tagout Shadow Board

A well designed Shadow Board enables easy location of its contents a well the ability to identify missing equipment within seconds. This instant identification speeds up production, reduces errors and prevents cross contamination in hygiene areas.

  • Cleaning Stations
  • Lockout Boards
  • Workshop Equipment
  • First Aid Stations
  • Hand Tool Storage

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