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Safety Signs can prevent drowning

Safety Signs can help prevent drownings

With long school holidays on the horizon and the extended warm period we are currently experiencing, it’s important we are do everything we can to remain safe in summer.

Across the UK in 2017 the National Water Safety Forum reports that there were 255 people who lost their lives in accidental drownings.  It’s possible some of these drownings could have been avoided with adequate precautions, safety measures and appropriate signage warning of the dangers associated with swimming in potentially hazardous environments.

Cold water, unexpectedly deep water, hidden currents and pollution are just some of the hazards facing those choose to swim

It’s not just public places where accidents occur and its important correct measures are in place to warn of potential dangers. With two thirds of drownings happening at inland waters such as quarries, canals, lakes and rivers, it’s important we realise hazards aren’t just limited to beaches and coastlines.

Spectrum Industrial supply a range of safety signs, including water signs. We are able to manufacture signs that are waterproof, corrosion resistant and also resistant to salt water. Once in place, our signs are designed to be hard wearing and long lasting.

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